Professional & Friendly Personnel


Body Men: 4
Licensed Painters: 1
Licensed Mechanic: 1
Apprentices and Prep Men: 2

Detailers: 2
Estimators: 2
Office Staff: 2

Updated Training Courses Attended

Dupont Assurance of Quality - PREMIERE & CHROMAVISION
Computer Alignment System - in house
ICAR Plastics Repair Course
ICAR Collision Repair 2000
ICAR Frame Sectioning and Repair
Apprenticeship Training - Centennial College
Air Bags ( SRS )
A/C Freon - Required For Government License (ODP)
Computer Estimating
Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles
Vehicle Technology and Trends 2011
Replacing UHSS Panels Alloyed with Boron on the Volvo XC90
Dodge Caliber Front Rail Partial Replacement
Introduction To Custom Painting
Advanced Joining Technologies
Laminated Steel
MIG Brazing
Collision Warning Systems
Recycled Parts for Collision Repair
Collision Repair for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles
Collision Repair Overview for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles
Advanced Restraint Systems
Automotive Foams
Corrosion Protection
Steel Full-Frame Sectioning
Overview of Cycle Time Improvements for the Collision Repair Process
Inspecting Repairs for Quality Control
Wind, Noise & Water Leaks
Hail, Theft, Vandalism and Damage Analysis
Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive Technician Training Program
Mazda 626 Panel Roof Replacement



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