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Computer Scanning

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Our Equipment

We are the first body shop in Canada to have the Dupont Chroma Premiere Paint system with the Chromavision computer colour scanning system directly linked by fiber optics from our office to the paint room. Chromavision scans your car's paint to correct for potential sun fading, aging or finish on your car without harming the environment.

We also have a variety of tools to help with your vehicle repair such as scanning tools to check your computer diagnostics, infra red lamps for drying primer, multiple welders and a plasma cutter. Please see below for a full list of our equipment.


5 Mig Welders, 1 Compression Resistance Spot Welder

Corrosion Protection System


Wheel Alignment

Hunter PA130 Computerized Laser Wheel Alignment System

Paint Booths

1 Spraybake Downdraft , 1 Devilbiss Crossdraft

Our spraybake downdraft booth allows for a flawless finish on your car without harming the environment as all of the emissions are filtered and cleaned before being released outside into the environment.

Color Mixing Systems

Dupont Chroma Vision with computer link to intelligent head scale in paint room

Paint System

Dupont Croma Pro Waterborne - Low VOC, Environmentally Friendly

Frame and Structural Data Sources

KLM Charts
Mitchell Data Books, Mitchell Data (computerized)
Audatex Computerized Data

Drying and Baking

1 Spraybake water filtered downdraft booth/oven
1 Devilbiss infra red portable
JunAir Qad 4-Corner High-Velocity Blowers for Waterborne Paints
Portable High-Velocity Blowers for Waterborne Paints
2 Trisk short-wave infra-red portable units

Measuring and Straightening Equipment

Chart Accu-rack Frame rack with tri-scan laser measuring
Blackhawk rack with 3D measuring
Chart Porta-Puller

Dent Pulling Equipment

Stud Spotters and Maxi Dent repair station with keys & wiggle wire.

A/C Recharge Machines

for 134A and 1234YF refrigerant formats.

Automobile Systems Diagnostics

Snap-On Solus Pro to scan your vehicle's computer systems.

Estimating & Imaging

ADP Audatex, Mitchell Ultramate, Mitchell E-Claim Manager.

These systems allow us to download the estimate & photos, communicating directly with your insurance company.

Shop Management System

Mitchell ABS 8

Shop Management System

Mitchell ABS 8

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